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Student Responsiblities

1. Be on time for each tutoring session
2. Tutor required to wait 15 minutes before leaving.
3. Student required to wait 15 minutes for tutor.

note icon Unable to be on time or cannot be at the tutoring session? Contact your tutor or Dr. Rhodes. 618-437-5321, ext. 1204 and leave a message or email him.

Students should:

1. Fill out a tutor request form.
2. Attend class and keep the tutor up-to-date on all assignments.
3. Always bring class assignments to study group. Excessive class absences can result in loss of tutoring privilege.
4. Review material before the tutoring session. The tutor cannot help you if you are not willing to help yourself.
Be prepared to ask specific questions.
6. Study regularly outside of the tutoring sessions.
7. Let Sue know immediately if any problems arise with a tutor.
Meet with Sue periodically to evaluate the tutoring relationship.
9. Request another tutor if for any reason the one you have is unsatisfactory.

note icon Two (2) sessions missed without notification will result in tutoring being terminated.