Visiting artist to present a Paint Pour demonstration on Oct. 14

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INA, IL (Oct. 7, 2021) – Come out to witness the fluid technique that creates beautiful and unique artwork based on where the paint flows and coats the canvas before it dries.

Retired RLC Art Instructor and Visiting Artist Therese Melena will be leading a Paint Pour demonstration on Thursday, Oct. 14, in the Slankard Learning Resource Center room 103, beginning at 9 a.m. The hour-long session is held in connection with Melena’s collection, which is currently on display in the RLC Theater.

About the artist:

Coming from the school of naturalistic and realism art, Therese Melena said delving into the world of paint pours was challenging at first.

“I had to decide if a recognizable object was important for my personal aesthetics and my public ego,” Melena said in her artist’s statement. “And the answer? No. With paint pours, my love of color and of texture is allowed to remain, filling that visual aesthetic void of asking myself and question the viewers, ‘Well is it a car, a cat or a cosmic configuration of stars and planets?’ By letting go of the recognizable and embracing the ambiguous, a catharsis clarifies my mind and cleanses my art.”

In discussing famous artists like Jackson Polluck, Morris Louis and Helen Frankenthaler, Melena said she likes to play with textures as well as technique.

“Whereas all the paint pour artists I have observed advocate smooth surfaces… I opted for actual texture as well,” she said. “By combining paint viscosities to achieve crags and crevices within the paint surface. I hope to design a landscape of color, creating a symbiotic relationship of visual and actual texture, inviting the view to step forward and immerse themselves in the subtly that is paint pours. Let the catharsis begin, my fellow artists!”

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