Student Success highlighted at 2019 Upward Bound Banquet

INA, Ill. (Oct. 29, 2019) – The Upward Bound program at Rend Lake College recognized all of its students' accomplishments at the annual Upward Bound Banquet, held RLC’s James “Hummer” Waugh Gymnasium.

This year’s event praised dozens of local students for their involvement in the academic year program, as well as the summer program. The academic year program focuses on achievement in the classroom, team building, and goal setting activities. The summer features an intensive program in which students are enrolled in college classes, take part in a one-week residential component and are rewarded at the end of their summer with a trip to a major city where they are treated to a variety of cultural and educational activities, as well a visit to a local university. Some students also take part in trips throughout the year and others enroll in RLC credit courses.

During the awards aspect of the banquet, students received certificates for participation in the Upward Bound program and the summer program during the 2018-19 year, for earning straight As, for perfect attendance, for receiving RLC college credit, and many others.

The RLC Upward Bound program is a federally funded college preparatory program designed to provide academic support, personal and career counseling, and cultural and social enrichment to high school participants who have the academic ability to be successful in college. Services are provided at no cost to the student.

Straight As and Perfect AttendanceStraight A Students with Perfect Attendance: Front, from left: Madison Hood (Benton), Myeesa Jones (Mt. Vernon), Jason Ren (Mt. Vernon). Back row, from left: Nathaniel Furlow (Zeigler-Royalton), Courtney Floyd (Zeigler-Royalton), Brianna Johnson (Hamilton County), Joslin Gibson (Mt. Vernon) and Lexus Rudder Hartnell (Mt. Vernon).

Straight AsStraight A Students, from left: Kya Maier (Zeigler-Royalton), Gabby Dover (Zeigler-Royalton), Alexis Broadway (Benton), Juliana Mitchell (Zeigler-Royalton), Imogen Perry (Zeigler-Royalton) and Shelby Taylor (Hamilton County).

Perfect AttendancePerfect Attendance. Pictured, front row, from left: Austin Alverth (Hamilton County), Tiffany Beahringer (Mt. Vernon), Kyliee Waggoner (Hamilton County), Sabrina Rainey (Benton), Ethan Ditzel (Mt. Vernon). Back row, from left: Ashtyn Cook (Mt. Vernon), Mauro Wallace (Benton), Stephen Lake (Benton), Alycia Rice (Mt. Vernon), Jaxson Sloan (Benton) and Damian Roberson (Benton).

Upward Bound Summer Bridge Program participantsUpward Bound Summer Bridge Program participants. Pictured, from left: Alexis McKinney (Mt. Vernon), Madison Waters (Mt. Vernon), Hailey Mays (Mt. Vernon), Kristin Gibson (Hamilton County) and Casey White (Mt. Vernon).

Full RLC Credit Summer ClassesUpward Bound students taking advantage of RLC Summer Classes. Pictured, from left, Kya Maier (Zeigler-Royalton), Gabby Dover (Zeigler-Royalton), Shelby Taylor (Hamilton County) and Chloe Greenwood (Hamilton County).

RLC Full Credit and UB Summer ClassesAustin Alverth (Hamilton County), left, and Nathaniel Furlow (Zeigler-Royalton), right, were honored for taking college-level courses at RLC in addition to their Upward Bound summer classes.

Rend Lake College Foundation Upward Bound Scholarship winnerRend Lake College Foundation Upward Bound Scholarship winner Alexis McKinney (Mt. Vernon).

Friends of Upward BoundFriends of Upward Bound were recognized. Pictured, from left: Mallory Howell, Emily DeForest, UB Excellence award winner Jeff Keen, Sue Scattone and Kacie Hunter.

Benton UB studentsUpward Bound 2018-19 School Year participants fromBenton Consolidated High School. Front row, from left: Alexis Broadway, Madison Hood, Alexis Joplin, Sabrina Rainey, Mauro Wallace. Back row, from left: Jaxson Sloan, Trevor Richardson, Stephen Lake, Damian Roberson and Joey Santor.

Upward Bound 2018 19 School Year participants from Hamilton County Senior High SchoolUpward Bound 2018-19 School Year participants from Hamilton County Senior High School. From left: Chloe Greenwood, Kristin Gibson, Brianna Johnson, Kyliee Waggoner, Austin Alverth, Lilli Malone, Emilie Green and Shelby Taylor.

Upward Bound 2018 19 School Year participants from Mt. Vernon Township High SchoolUpward Bound 2018-19 School Year participants from Mt. Vernon Township High School. From left: Tiffany Beahringer, Joslin Gibson, Alycia Rice, Gabriella Hartnell, Ashtyn Cook, Madison Waters, Lexus Rudder-Hartnell, Myeesa Jones, Casey White, Hailey Mays, Jason Ren, Alexis McKinney, Marissa Waters and Ethan Ditzel.

ZR UB studentsUpward Bound 2018-19 School Year participants from Zeigler-Royalton High School. Front row, from left: Kya Maier and Gabby Dover. Back row, from left: Courtney Floyd, Nathaniel Furlow, Imogen Perry and Juliana Mitchell.

GroupAll of the members of Uppward Bound who attended the 2019 banquet. 

For more information on RLC's Upward Bound Program visit or call (618) 437-5321 Ext. 1236, 1219, or 1365.

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