RLC partners with Army Corps to launch Search for the Science Stones

INA, Ill. (August, 13 2018) – Rend Lake College and the US Army Corps of Engineers are partnering together to bring a little more adventure to the lives of local children.

The Rend Lake Search for the Science Stones is an educational treasure hunt targeted towards youth 6-15 years of age that will kick off on August 19.

Every week a new science stone will be released into the wilds around Rend Lake with clues for its location being released on the Rend Lake Search for the Science Stones Facebook group. Links to the group will be posted on both RLC’s and the Project Office’s social media accounts.

Science Stones

The Facebook group will not only be a place for the clues to be revealed, but also a space that hunters can discuss their theories and make new friends.

Clues will start generically, but as the week goes on, and the hunt heats up, new clues will be issued until the science stone is found. The intrepid treasure hunter who finds the stone can bring it to the Rend Lake Project Office and Visitor Center to exchange it for one of numerous prizes provided by RLC.

“We’re excited to partner with the Corps of Engineers on this activity,” said RLC President Terry Wilkerson. “Anyone who wants to join the hunt will have a good time, and it’s an exciting way to generate some enthusiasm among young people in the STEM fields. Also, we hope we can get some more people acquainted with what Rend Lake, the Corps and the college have to offer.”

Every week for the next four weeks, a new stone will be hidden for numerous opportunities at prizes.

Those explorers who discover the stones will also be entered into the grand prize drawing. At the end of the event, one lucky participant will be randomly selected for a 12 credit hour academic award at Rend Lake College for use whenever they are ready to attend.

"The Corps of Engineers at Rend Lake is excited to partner with Rend Lake College in this new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) initiative. This activity is designed to get youth outdoors where they can learn about nature and science while encouraging them to take ownership of their public lands.  The opportunity to earn prizes and a scholarship at Rend Lake College is a great incentive to get out and have some fun in the park," said Rend Lake Operations Manager Jackie Taylor.

The Search of the Science Stones will run in conjunction with the Army Corps 2018 Environmental Science Series at Rend Lake. For more information about those events, call the Rend Lake Visitor Center at 618-724-2493 or visit their website at www.corpslakes.us/rend.

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