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Degrees & Certificates in Teaching



Associate in Arts Degree

The schedule of courses suggested will meet education course requirements at several universities. It also provides a well-rounded general education for education students. All universities have specific requirements which are not reflected by the courses below. Students should check with a counselor for requirements at specific universities. According to ICCB guidelines, students must earn a “C” or better in all courses housed in this program.

► Total = 64 Hours

First Semester (15 Cr. Hrs.)

  • BIO 1100 Biology for Non-Majors (4)
  • EDUC 1101 Intro to Education and Observation (3)
  • ENGL 1101 Rhetoric and Composition I 1 (3)
  • HEA 1101 Health Education (2)
  • MATH 1108 College Algebra 1 (3)

Second Semester (18 Cr. Hrs.)

  • EDUC 1106 Human Development (3)
  • ENGL 1102 Rhetoric and Composition II (3)
  • HIST 2102 American History II (3)
  • MATH 1111 Statistics (4)
  • PHSC 1101 Physical Science (5)

Third Semester (16 Cr. Hrs.)

  • ART 1101 Art Appreciation or
    MUSI 1100 Music Appreciation (3)
  • COMM 1101 Principles of Effective Speaking (3)
  • EDUC 1107 Diversity in Education (3)
  • MATH 1130 Algebraic and Arithmetic Systems 2, 3 (4)
  • POLI 2101 American Government 2 (3)

Fourth Semester (15 Cr. Hrs.)

  • EDUC 1104 Educational Technology (3)
  • ENGL 2102 Intro to Literature 2 (3)
  • MATH 2110 Topics in Math for Elementary Teachers 2, 3 (3)
  • PHIL 2103 World Religions (3)
  • PSYC 2101 Introduction to Psychology 1 (3)

Suggested Electives

  • ECE 2208 Teaching the Child with Disabilities (3)
  • HIST 2107 Latin American History 2 (3)
  • PSYC 2102 Child Psychology (3)
  • PSYC 2103 Educational Psychology 2 (3)
  • SOCI 1101 Introduction to Sociology (3)
  • SOCI 2101 Social Problems (3)


1 Prerequisite course(s) may be required based test scores.

2 Do not register without consulting advisor.

3 MATH 1130 and MATH 2110 must both be taken to meet IAI core requirements and to guarantee full transfer to a four-year university.

note icon All Education majors are required to pass the Constitution exam prior to graduating from Rend Lake College. Students are encouraged to take and pass the TAP test prior to RLC graduation. Illinois universities require TAP completion prior to enrollment in the Teacher Ed program courses.


Associate in Arts Degree or Associate in Science Degree

Individuals planning to teach in high school can obtain a standard high school certificate in most fields of study. Typical majors are art, biological sciences, chemistry, English, mathematics, social studies and speech.

During the first two years of study at Rend Lake College, students should complete requirements for an Associate in Arts Degree or Associate in Science Degree in their major areas. Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 2101), American History (HIST 2102), American Government (POLI 2101), a literature course and a third-world culture course are required as part of the general education requirements. After selecting their majors, students are advised to refer to that section of the Rend Lake College catalog and follow the guidelines for their particular two-year transfer programs.

After transferring to a four-year institution, students will spend the third and fourth years completing a standard major and minor, taking a series of professional education courses and completing a student teaching assignment.

note icon All Education majors are required to pass the Constitution exam prior to graduating from Rend Lake College.

Suggested Electives

  • ECE 2208 Teaching the Child with Disablities (3)
  • EDUC 1101 Intro to Education & Observation (3)
  • EDUC 1104 Educational Technology (3)
  • EDUC 1106 Human Development (3)
  • EDUC 1107 Diversity in Education (3)
  • PSYC 2103 Educational Psychology (3)


  • Five pandemic-proof careers

    INA, Ill. (Aug. 6, 2020) — When shelter-in-place orders took hold in the United States this spring, many jobs were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. From February to April the unemployment rate in the United States jumped from 3.5% to 14.7%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In Illinois, the unemployment rate peaked at 17.2% in April and remained at 14.6% as of June. But as the...

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