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Q. What does every college student need most?


That is exactly what a student at Rend Lake College will receive if he or she chooses to use the newly established textbook rental program that has been implemented on campus. The option allowing students to rent rather than purchase textbooks is expected to save a student several hundreds of dollars.

A typical student who takes 12 credit hours or four classes may spend over $400 on four books during one semester at purchase price. When the student sells the textbooks back, he/she may receive only $100 in return for the texts. Over a two-year period, this can amount to $900 or more for books under the purchase system (still an option).

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The textbook rental program charges students $60 per book, $20 of which is a deposit fee. When a book is returned at the end of the semester, the deposit fee will be refunded. I.e., the student pays $60 in rental fees per book. Over a two-year period, the student pays only $640 (four books each semester), resulting in a savings of better than 50%.

POLI 2101 - American Government $40.00 $134.75
MATH 1108 - Algebra & Trigonometry $40.00 $218.95
ART 1101 - Art Appreciation $40.00 $141.42
BIO 1101 - College Biology $40.00 $208.80
Tax (6.75%) $0.00 $47.51
TOTAL $160.00 $751.43
Total Savings: $591.43

*After deposit refund


Prior to the start of each semester, dates and times in which textbooks will be available for either rental or purchase will be announced and proper notice will be given to students regarding these dates. Pell grants or scholarships may be applied to book rental or purchase. Textbook rental increases the value of grants and scholarships. Textbooks charged to a student under the rental system may be returned if classes are dropped, added or changed within the first two weeks following the beginning date of classes for fall and spring semesters or within the first week of summer classes.

Textbook rental fees will be assessed to the student on a per book bases. In all cases, the rental of textbooks will require a pre-established deposit charged to the student at the time of rental. The current fee of $60 per book includes a $20 deposit fee which will be refunded upon proper return of the rented text. If a student chooses to purchase his or her textbooks, all sales will be final. Purchased texts will not be accepted for return and no reimbursement will be made after two weeks following the beginning date of classes for fall and spring semesters or one week after the beginning date of summer classes. Students will be required to be registered for classes prior to the rental of textbooks and must bring a course schedule and student ID with them at the time of text rental or purchase.


The period in which students may return rented textbooks will begin on the first day of final exams week and will end at the close of business on the third working day following the final day of exams. After the return deadline period ends, rented textbooks are no longer returnable.

A student who does not return his/her textbooks by the deadline will be charged the retail price for the text plus a $25 handling fee less deposit; this charge will be placed on the student’s account with the college. Textbooks which are lost or stolen will be the responsibility of the student, and the student will be assessed the retail price for the text plus $25 handling fee (less deposit) on his/her student account. Textbook deposit fees will be processed by the textbook department and returned to the student in the form of cash.

Rented textbooks which are returned will be inspected by the Bookstore staff to determine a reasonable condition for return. Torn covers, torn pages, water damage, etc. may mean returned textbooks will not be accepted and deposit fees will not be returned to the student. Reasonable highlighting will be allowed in rented textbooks. However, writing in rented texts will not be allowed. Final determination of the condition of returned textbooks will be made by the VP for Finance and Administration.


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