Rend Lake College has moved from Blackboard to Canvas as the Learning Management System. All online and hybrid classes will be using Canvas, starting Spring 2019. Some traditional face-to-face classes may also use Canvas to deliver their learning content to the students this Spring.

Canvas uses your WarriorMail account to log in which is actually a Google account, so you will first be sent to a Google login screen. You will need to enter your entire WarriorMail email address ().

Be sure to log out of any personal gmail account before attempting to login to Canvas!


If you are enrolled in Tim Wills' Intercession course (HEA 2130-N1 Substance Abuse), your class is still located in Blackboard and can be accessed at

If you are having issues logging in or you forgot your WarriorMail password, contact the Help Desk at (618) 437-5321 Ext. 1259. Canvas can be accessed at which serves as a shortcut to Click one of the Canvas links to get started!