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RLC Police Department

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Police Department Mission Statement

The Rend Lake College Police Department’s mission is to promote a safe and secure environment for all students, employees and visitors by providing visible, professional and courteous service, information and assistance to the campus community and by ensuring the college’s rules and regulations are enforced by appropriate action.

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What do I do in an emergency?


If you receive a ticket, you can pay it at the cashier counter in the Administration Building. 
Failure to pay will result in a hold being placed on your student records.

A graphic with Helpful Safety Tips. Always lock your vehicle on campus. Record the make, model and serial numbers of all  valuable items in your vehicle. Do not leave personal belongings unattended,  e.g. purses, backpacks, briefcases, etc. Report missing items as soon as possible. Walk to the parking lot with your keys in your hand. For your safety, if you arrive on campus after hours,  on holidays or weekends or for an  unscheduled event, please advise the security office when you arrive and leave.

Campus Police
Phone Numbers: Office (618) 437-5321 Ext. 1911 | Cell (618) 525-1911 | Safety Office (618) 437-5321 Ext. 1212 
Email: [email protected]
Address: 468 N. Ken Gray Parkway, Ina, IL 62846 Attn: Campus Police
Fax Number: (618) 437-5677 Attn: Campus Police