Industrial Electronics & Maintenance Technician - Basic Machining Cert


Applied Science & Technology Division

This certificate is for those students who are seeking to improve their skills for the machining industry. Students will learn the fundamentals of machining using lathes and milling machining. The basic fundamentals of setting up the machine, selecting the correct tool, adjusting tool speed, determining depth of cut, and the use of precision measuring tools will be covered.

Total Hours: 18

First Semester
Credit Hours
MACH 1201 Machining Technology I 4.00
WELD 1270 Introduction to Welding Processes 4.00
Second Semester
MACH 1202 Machining Technology II 4.00
MACH 1203 Machining Technology III 3.00
MACH 1205 Special Problems in Machining 3.00