Horticulture - Turf Management


Applied Science & Technology Division

Gainful Employment Information This certificate provides training for development of skills used in a career of turf grass management. Certified persons may be employed by golf courses, sod farms or institutions where turf management is a major part of ground maintenance.

Total Hours: 23

First Semester
Credit Hours
HORT 1201 Introduction to Horticulture 3.00
HORT 1211 Landscape Plants 3.00
HORT 1212 Plant Pruning 1.00
HORT 1215 Turf Management 3.00
Second Semester
AGRI 1161 Soil Science 5.00
HORT 1214 Horticulture Mechanics 3.00
HORT 2203 Golf Course Operations 2.00
Third Semester
HORT 1213 Pest Management or Spring Semester Elective 3.00