Applied Science & Technology Division

Rend Lake College offers general educational courses and five technical agriculture courses which prepare students for transfer to four-year institutions. Since requirements of ag schools vary considerably, students should contact an RLC Ag Advisor to plan a program of studies. Such courses as biology, zoology or botany, basic chemistry and technical agriculture usually are included in the first two years of study. In addition to courses listed, the student must take a minimum of 45 hours in general education courses which meet Associate in Science Degree requirements.
Ag courses that have been articulated for transfer:

Total Hours: 64

First Semester
Credit Hours
AGRI 1141 Agricultural Economics 3.00
AGRI 1181 Introduction to Animal Science 4.00
AGRI 1263 Crop Science 4.00
AGRI1161 Soil Science 5.00
HORT 1201 Introduction to Horticulture 3.00