Agricultural Business


Applied Science & Technology Division

A two-year program leading to an Associate in Applied Science Degree. Courses are designed to meet the needs of students who wish to pursue a career in the broad area of agricultural business at the mid-management level. Graduates should find interesting and rewarding opportunities in agricultural sales and services. Upon completion of this program, the student has the option to capstone into a participating four-year institution.

Total Hours: 68

First Semester
Credit Hours
AGRI 1181 Introduction to Animal Science 4.00
AGRI 1222 Applied Mathematics1 or Elective - Mathematics1 3.00
AGRI 1285 Agricultural Technologies 3.00
ENGL 1101 Rhetoric and Composition I1 3.00
HEA 1101 Health Education or HEA 1102 Basic First Aid 2.00
Second Semester
AGRI 1141 Agricultural Economics 3.00
AGRI 1161 Soil Science 5.00
AGRI 1210 Supervised Occupational Experience 4.00
AGRI 1221 Intro to Agricultural Occupations 1.00
AGRI 1262 Agricultural Chemicals 3.00
Third Semester
AGRI 1263 Crop Science 4.00
AGRI 2223 Agricultural Finance 3.00
AGRI 2225 Food and Agricultural Policy 3.00
COMM 1101 Principles of Effective Speaking 3.00
CSCI 1102 Computer Applications 3.00
PSYC 2101 Intro. to Psychology or PSYC 2106 Human Relations 3.00
Fourth Semester
AGRI 1282 Feeds and Feeding 3.00
AGRI 2210 Supervised Occupational Experience 4.00
AGRI 2241 Farm Management 3.00
AGRI 2242 Marketing Agricultural Products 5.00
Elective - General Education2
1 Prerequisite course(s) may be required based on results of COMPASS, ASSET, ACT or SAT scores.
2 See Division Chairperson for list of approved courses.
NOTE: Reading course(s) may be required based on results of COMPASS or ASSET scores.