Criminal Justice - Cyber Forensics Specialist


Applied Science & Technology Division

Cyber Forensics Specialist occupational certificate prepares students to work in the criminal justice field dealing with cybercrime. The curriculum blends the areas of computer technician with criminal investigator. Learners are taught the legal and technical limits of a forensic search of a digital system. State of the art software enables students to retrieve information from personal computers, cell phones and tablets.

Total Hours: 24

First Semester
Credit Hours
CRJS 1201 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3.00
CRJS 1202 Crimminology 3.00
CRJS 1207 Computer Forensics I 3.00
CRJS 2206 Criminal Procedures 3.00
Second Semester
CRJS 1205 Cyber Crime and Law 3.00
CRJS 2209 Criminal Law 3.00
CRJS 2216 Cyber Crime and Investigation 3.00
CRJS 2217 Computer Forensics II 3.00