Medical Coding Certificate


Allied Health Division

The Medical Coding program is a two semester certificate designed to prepare students to work in the medical field as a Medical Coder. This certificate is intended to prepare students to sit for licensing as a Medical Coder. Medical Coding professionals play a key role in the medical billing process. Every time a patient is seen in a healthcare setting, the provider must document the services provided. The Coder abstracts the information from that documentation, assigns the appropriate codes and creates a claim to be paid. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning experiences in the laboratory setting. A background check and drug screening test are required.
Gainful Employment Information

Total Hours: 29

Credit Hours
CSCI 1102 Intro to Comp. with Business Applications 3.00
HECO 1202 Health Care Terminology 3.00
First Semester
ALH 1201 Anatomy & Physiology Fundamentals 3.00
HIT 1201 Intro to Health Information 3.00
HIT 2205 Pharmacology for Health Information 2.00
MEDC 1206 Intro to Medical Coding 3.00
MEDC 1206 Into to Medical Coding 3.00
Second Semester
HIT 1204 Pathophysiology for Health Information 4.00
HIT 2218 Reimbursement Management 2.00
MEDC 1200 Medical Office Procedures 3.00
MEDC 1208 Intermediate Medical & CPT Coding 3.00
MEDC 1210 Coding Clinical Practicum 3.00