IT Systems Assistant


Applied Science & Technology Division

The IT Systems Assistant curriculum features a two year Associate in Applied Science Degree and a three semester Microsoft User Certificate option. The two-year program is designed to provide students with the background in technical skills and general studies necessary for a career as an IT Systems Assistant. Graduates will be prepared to provide technical assistance and training to microcomputer system users in business, government and education. The program lets individuals already employed upgrade job skills and improve advancement potential. It is articulated with Southern Illinois University Carbondale Information Systems Technology and may capstone into other programs. The certificate program prepares students and professionals by concentrating on the Microsoft Office Suite, namely Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Topics covered in these courses help prepare the student for work using the various products as well as participation in the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist exams. Exams are not included in this program.

Total Hours: 65

First Semester
Credit Hours
CNS 1210 Network Fundamentals 5.00
CNS 1224 Operating Systems 4.00
CSCI 1101 Introduction to Computers * 3.00
ENGL 1101 Rhetoric and Composition I * 1 3.00
OFTC 1203 Bldg. Keyboarding Speed & Accuracy 1.00
Second Semester
BUSI 2107 Business Communications 3.00
CNS 1213 Computer Maintenance I 3.00
CSCI 1243 Beginning Microsoft Word 3.00
MATH 1107 Contemporary College Mathematics1 3.00
PHIL 2101 Logic 3.00
PSYC 2101 Introduction to Psychology 3.00
Third Semester
ACCO 1101 Principles of Financial Accounting 3.00
CSCI 1104 Introduction to Programming 4.00
CSCI 1263 Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet 3.00
CSCI 2243 Intermediate Microsoft Word 3.00
ECON 2101 Principles of Economics I 3.00
Fourth Semester
COMM 1101 Principles of Effective Speaking 3.00
CSCI 1255 Microsoft Access Database 3.00
CSCI 1275 Microsoft PowerPoint 3.00
CSCI 2209 Systems Analysis and Design 3.00
CSCI 2245 Integrating Microsoft Applications 3.00
* Recommended Summer term.

1Prerequisite course(s) may be required based on results of COMPASS, ASSET, ACT or SAT scores.

NOTE: Students must be able to type 25 words per minute.