Math and Sciences Division

This program is for students pursuing a baccalauerate degree in accounting, business administration, finance, information systems, management or marketing and parallels the first two years required by most four-year schools of business. Students should check with the four-year institution or a Rend Lake College advisor for any additional requirements.

Total Hours: 64

First Semester
Credit Hours
ACCO 1101 Principles of Financial Accounting 3.00
BUSI 1101 Introduction to Business 3.00
ENGL 1101 Rhetoric and Composition I1 3.00
MATH 1108 College Algebra1
PSYC 2101 Introduction to Psychology 3.00
Second Semester
ACCO 1102 Principles of Managerial Accounting 3.00
CSCI 1102 Introduction to Computers with Business Applications 3.00
ENGL 1102 Rhetoric & Composition II 3.00
MATH 2106 Finite Mathematics1 3.00
Elective - Business 3.00
Elective - Humanities 3.00
Third Semester
BUSI 2105 Legal and Social Environment 3.00
COMM 1101 Principles of Effective Speaking 3.00
ECON 2101 Principles of Economics I 3.00
Elective - Fine Arts 3.00
Elective - Physical Science 3.00
Fourth Semester
BUSI 2107 Business Communications 3.00
ECON 2102 Principles of Economics II 3.00
HEA 1101 Health Education 2.00
Elective - Fine Arts/Humanities2 3.00
Elective - Life Science 5.00
Recommended Electives
May be required to take based upon transfer institution:
MATH 2103 Business Statistics 3.00
MATH 2115 Calculus for Business 4.00
1Prerequisite course(s) may be required based on results of COMPASS, ASSET, ACT or SAT scores.
2One Fine Arts course and one Humanities course needed to meet IAI core requirements.
NOTE: Reading course(s) may be required based on results of COMPASS or ASSET scores.